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March 26, 2019
by docandry

Warrior Band Earns the Triple Crown Today

I am so very proud of my Warrior Band for completing our goal of earning the “Triple Crown” of superior ratings. Many band programs can boast of earning superior ratings at marching band and concert band festivals, but very few can say they earned the highest rating possible, the superior rating, at a marching band, concert band, and jazz festival in the same year. Heck, this may be only the first or second time we have achieved this at St. Michael. I think I’m most proud of the fact that my students this year took it upon themselves not to let things slip, simply because we had to replace so many outstanding seniors from last year with mostly freshmen and sophomores.

I can’t wait to see what this group can accomplish in the next few years to come! Next on our agenda…Moonlight and Jazz!!



March 21, 2019
by docandry

Change of Date

Dear Warrior Band Parents, Alumni, and Friends,

Please make a note that the Spring Concert date has been moved from April 30 to May 1st. We had a couple of students who were getting confirmed on the 30th. We will be performing on the same evening as the Art Show and the Fashion Show, so it will be an evening of Fine Arts! We hope that you can browse the art and attend the Fashion Show will begin at 6 PM. Our concert will not begin before 7 PM. I’m looking forward to seeing you there.


March 10, 2019
by docandry

Details on upcoming performances

Dear Band Parents,

This post is of high importance.

Our first performance it the Fortier/Gerbrecht Invitational at the Manship Theater this Tuesday – involving only the Jazz Ensemble (no combo)
Parents will provide their own transportation for students. The concert begins at 7 PM. St. Michael performs at 8:40. Tickets are $5 plus a service charge.

Our next is this Saturday –  the Jazz Ensemble and Combo will be performing at the Loyola University Jazz Festival. 
We depart St. Michael at 6:45 AM in a small school bus (I will be driving) and in parent cars.
Combo performs at 9 AM
Big Band performs at 11 AM
Clinics are at 12:30.
We eat (bring money for food) and return after clinics – hopefully be home around 4:30 PM

Our next performance is Sunday – the Jazz Ensemble and Combo will be performing at Grandparents’ Day
Students involved in these ensembles will arrive at school at 1:15 to setup and get a sound check.
We begin our performance at 2 PM.
The event should be over by 4 PM

The next performance is our District Large Ensemble Assessment at Zachary High School, March 26.

All students in the band program will be leaving St. Michael on a large school bus at 8:15 AM.
Our Concert Band performance is at 10 AM
We sightread at 10:30
We pack up and return to St. Michael around 11.
We will stop to eat on the way back home (bring money for a fast food lunch).

Important – Please keep the week of July 22 – 26 open for BAND CAMP. This is a MANDATORY event for all band members where we begin to learn our marching band contest show. By having this week of intense learning, we can limit our after school rehearsals to only two days a week for full band rehearsals.

Thanks in advance for your understanding and help.



February 27, 2019
by docandry

Upcoming performances

Dear Band Parents, Students, Alumni, and Friends of our Warrior Band Program.

We have several upcoming performances that you need to be aware of. The first is this Friday, after our school pep rally. Students will be traveling to perform for the annual Mardi Gras Parade at Ollie Steele Burden Manor on Essen Lane. I sent excursion forms home yesterday. There won’t be a bus available to transportation is parent responsibility.

The Jazz Ensemble will be performing at the Manship Theater Tuesday, March 12. See the attached file for more details (how to purchase tickets, etc.) 2019PRJazzInvt-27bec6i
The concert begins at 7 but we don’t perform until 8:40…Better bands go toward the end so we are the last band before the host band plays.

The next important performance will be the Loyola University Jazz Festival Saturday, March 16, at Loyola University. I will be driving a bus (the short one) and we tentatively plan on leaving St. Michael at 7 AM. Students will need money for lunch. There is no admission charge for anyone wishing to attend this performance. While I would love to be able to have everyone stay and listen to some of the fine groups performing in the afternoon, including the Loyola University Big Band, we will leave Loyola after the master classes are over (around 2 PM). That’s because we will all be performing for the Grandparents’ Day Program Sunday, March 17. All JAZZ ENEMBLE students will be performing at this and they will need to report to the band room to set up and get a sound check at 1:15 PM. The performance begins at 2. We should be finished by 3:30.

Full Band rehearsals when we come back from the Mardi Gras Break will be Thursday, March 14, Tuesday, March 19, and Thursday, March 21. Our large ensemble concert assessment will be at Zachary High School either Tuesday, March 25 or Wednesday, March 26. I will let you know when I get that information.

That’s it for now.

Thanks for all you do in support of your child’s music education!




December 9, 2018
by docandry

Nursing Home Performance

Dear Warrior Band Parents and Students,

As this semester draws to a close quickly, I have to say that I’m soo proud of my students. Not only have I watched them grow musically, but they are always eager to volunteer to bring a little heaven into some else’s life. We were overwhelmed by the outpouring of love you all showed last Sunday and we collected enough to fill 24 boxes with goodies for David Bell and the rest of his unit in Afghanistan. This Tuesday, many of you will be performing at Old Jefferson Community Center. I sent excursion forms home last week and I need those completed and turned in by tomorrow (Monday). Remember that transportation to the facility is parental responsibility. Please have your child arrive as close to 3 PM as possible so we can get started playing and singing around 3:20. We should be finished no later than 4:15 because they have to get the residents ready for supper. The address to Old Jefferson Community Center is:

Old Jefferson Community Center
8340 Baringer Foreman Road




November 25, 2018
by docandry

Moonlight and Jazz XIII and our Annual Christmas Concert

Dear Band Parents, Friends, and Alumni,

It’s time to kick off the 13th annual Moonlight and Jazz event. Moonlight and Jazz is a two-hour musical affair held on the beautiful grounds of White Oak Plantation. A steak and wine dinner, prepared by the Chef John Folse staff, is served while the St. Michael High School Jazz Ensemble performs favorite jazz tunes.

For those new to our Warrior Band family, Moonlight and Jazz is the only fundraiser for the St. Michael band program. All proceeds are designated to support the various band programs including marching, concert, percussion, and jazz. Some of the proceeds from last year’s event were used to provide transportation to the Disney World Music Festival where we received numerous awards, including the Golden Mickey for the Best Overall Jazz Band. Additionally, funding from this event provides money to purchase and repair instruments, funding support for marching and music festivals, as well as other unexpected needs that arise that are not covered by our normal budget.

Each year, our profit is determined by the number of sponsors. I have attached a sponsorship page to this blog post. We know that being a sponsor is not possible for everyone. However, we ask you to consider sponsoring this event if you are able or if you know someone who loves music and would like to be a part of encouraging music education for our youth. We would love to have them become a part of our music family at St. Michael.

For the rest of you who will be purchasing tickets, we ask that you either purchase a table of 10 or get together with others to form a group of 10. Please see the attached brochure and sponsorship page for more information about priority seating.

MJ Christmas Flyer 2018-tfkcvl

M & J Sponsorship page-tbv4n6

Our annual Christmas will be Sunday, December 2, at 2:00 PM. As of this post, the gym will be available. If something changes in the next couple of days, I will let you know but we cannot move the date, only the venue. I will need all students to report at 12:30 for setup. Dress for this will be concert black. That means, gentlemen will wear their school dress uniform with BLACK pants. Ladies wear all black dress or pants outfit. This concert is guaranteed to get you in the Christmas Spirit. You will hear selections from our Percussion Ensemble, our Concert Band, and our Jazz Ensemble. I hope to see everyone there!




November 4, 2018
by docandry

Playoff Game

Dear Warrior Band Parents,

I received word today that the Warrior Football team will be traveling to Thibodaux to face E. D. White Catholic High School. Right now, I have tentatively scheduled for us to leave campus at 4:30. I am working on details for transportation and food options and I’ll let you know those details whan I  get them.

We will not have after school rehearsal for this because we will not be performing a halftime show. Combo has a gig Thursday evening (Pro Vita Dinner). Combo WILL rehearse after school Tuesday.




October 26, 2018
by docandry

Blowing and Going!

Dear Warrior Band Parents,

This semester is blowing by! First of all, I want to thank all my parents who have been actively helping all semester with hydration, pregame meals, pulling the trailer, pit crew, cooking for band night, serving at band night, helping with supervision before games, baking delicious cookies, costumes for competition, purchasing props for us, redoing the band boards for band night and open house, trailer dad’s, etc. We couldn’t do it without you!

Now, an update on our progress. First of all, most of you know this is as much as a rebuilding year as we have seen in a very long time. We graduated 18 seniors last year, many of whom were all-parish, all-district, and all-state musicians. It’s been a bit of a grind this semester but I can say we have finally “turned the corner.” I began seeing it a couple weeks ago with our performances on the field and at the football games. Then we earned a superior rating last week at the Dutchtown Invitational. Last night, the Jazz Ensemble gave an inspiring performance. We still have a lot of work to do!

Our next performance will be our Christmas Concert on December 2nd at 2 PM. We will have 3 MANDATORY rehearsals for this. Please mark your calendars for November 13, 27, and 29. These reahearsals will begin at 2:45 and will end at 4:30. For the next two weeks, I will give the kids a break and we will only rehearse on the Thursday before each game from 3 – 3:45. Please pick your child up by 4 PM.

I’m looking forward to a fantastic year.



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