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Here’s a list of professional Jazz musicians: list-of-jazz-pros.

Backing tracks are a valuable tool for all jazz musicians. Here is a B-flat blues backing track that can give young rhythm section players ideas for comping. 02 Blues in Bb Concert All instrumentalists should use this to practice soloing on the blues!

Speaking of rhythm section, here are some useful PDFs for piano, drums, bass, and guitarists:





One of the best models for what our big band should sound like is this live recording/video of the Count Bassie Orchestra (1962). You’re not going to find a harder swinging, laid-back,  band anywhere…and they make it look so easy.

Pianists. Check out this youtube site for ideas on jazz piano playing, comping, and soloing :

Also, pianists should purchase one of thes following suggested books on jazz piano voicing: Jazz Piano Voicing Skills, by Dan Hearle or Voicings for Jazz Keyboard by Frank Mantooth.

Tenor Saxes: Listen to music by Sonny Rollins, Dexter Gordon, and Sonny Stent.

Alto Saxes: Cannonball Adderly, Paul Desmond, Phil Woods

Trombonists: Frank Rosolino, JJ Johnson, Carl Fontana

Drummers: check out any master class given by Winard Harper. Here’s a starter for you:


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  1. Thanks for the list of jazz musicians! I love jazz and I found some new ones in that list!

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