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Shirts, Shoes, No Problem :)


Dear Band Parents,

The pep band shirts and shoes have been ordered. The shirts came in yesterday and were distributed today. I expect the band shoes by the end of this week or the first part of next week. The costs (including taxes and shipping where necessary) are as follows:

Band shirt: $37.40

Dinkles marching band shoe $29.50

Please make all checks payable to St. Michael. Also, I passed out band pictures last week and told the students to have them returned to me by tomorrow. If your child didn’t show you his/hers, please ask to see them. My students are VERY photogenic 🙂

Only one more week until our first game. They will get instructions during the week about departure times, pregame meals, postgame meal etc. If you haven’t paid you band fee, which pays for meals your child eats during band camp and the five post-game meals, please send that check in ASAP.




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