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Dear Band Parents, Friends, and Alumni,

I guess you have figured by now that we will be moving this year’s Moonlight and Jazz indoors because of the 100% chance of rain for Sunday. I know that you and others support this event because 1) the music is outstanding 2) the food is awesome 3) the wine is…well as much as you can safely drink and 4) the White Oak atmosphere is beautiful. Well, Mother Nature has thrown us a wicked curveball again and we will have to move our event to St. Michael this year. So numbers 1,2, and 3 will be the best ever! 4 won’t happen but that’s not why you come in  the first place. So there will be a little change to our lineup for the weekend.

Tomorrow (Friday), we will have some dads (and bulldog moms) meet at school for 6 PM to move tables and a small stage over from the cafeteria to the gym. The protective floor covering will have already been put down. We are going to set up the stage for our performance. Gentlemen (and my bulldog moms)… we will feed you (fried fish dinners) and we will have some adult refreshments (the variety made with barley and hops). Please RSVP me via email if you will be able to help tomorrow. I want to be sure to have enough fried fish dinners and refreshments for you. We really don’t want the kids there. They will work Sunday! Plus, we are going to be serving barley and hops 🙂 We will NOT be bringing truck-loads of plants and flowers from Clegg’s Nursery this year. However, if you have a couple of plants (can be live or fake) that you will let us use to decorate the stage (only), please feel free to bring them Friday evening or Sunday at 2 PM. Otherwise, we will meet as planned at SMHS for 2 PM Sunday. Moonlight and Jazz will be a success again this year because of your support and the efforts of these kids extremely talented kids.





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