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Welcome to my new Blog!


Welcome to my new blog.  I will try to keep this updated so all my students and parents can keep up with our busy schedule at SMHS.  I will try to add links to other music web sites and music education blogs. 



  1. Thanks Doc for the new blog. I can’t wait to see what everybody has to say. I hope I can ploy tuba next year. Band is great. Merry Christmas, Andy

  2. Very techno-savy! I’m impressed. Great idea. Merry Christmas. Thanks for all your hard work.
    Kris Barrios

  3. Tell Dustin to log in on facebook and go to this link…

  4. hey doc. very cool website. i like the limeness. i hope u have a good holiday(after the whole exam thing). ,
    Jaci (that girl that plays saxophone)

  5. 100% use for future reference. the pics helped out alot. i also want to learn how to play the french horn, because i was talked out of it. blog was awsome. “very techno-savy!” 😉 merry christmas Doc. hope you like your present

  6. hey…uh just stoping by to say hey and leave a comment…now about those points…

  7. Thanks for all the help doc.

  8. hey doc, i like your flash cards.your blog is awesome!Merry Christmas, Austin.

  9. Its kind of wierd that my mom left a comment before I did. She must really like you because noone else’s parents did that and she doesn’t need bonus points on your exam. I don’t really either, but I just like you. Anywho, Merry Christmas Doc!


  10. stopin by to get some free points

  11. Doc. We have to play crescent city stomp this year. i will force everyone to practice.

  12. hey Doc,
    I can’t wait to take that band exam tomorrow
    the website is nifty


    Doc you should watch this it blows my mind everytime, also watch the other concertos by him.

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