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  1. Dr. Andry,

    I am a chemistry graduate student at LSU and I have a Yamaha flute I would like to sell. It is an open-hole, silver body, gold-plated lip plate model. I do also have a more student model Bundy piccolo that I would like to sell. I am asking for $1000 for the flute (valued at $2200) and $200 for the piccolo (usually $400). Could you please let your students know, as well as anyone else you know that might be interested? I can send pictures and would be willing to meet with any serious potential buyers so they could examine the instruments themselves.

    I had looked for your e-mail, but this was the only way I found to get in touch with you. I hope this is alright.

    Thank you,
    Emily Harwell

    cell: 903-714-2692

  2. I have a couple of nice open-hole flutes at the school but I will let my students know about your offer. I don’t need the pic. I have two already.

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