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OK, Now to start a page about trumpets.  Thanks to Quando for sending us this video of Wynton Marsalis playing the Hummel Trumpet Concerto.  This was filmed before Wynton quit playing “Classical Music” to focus primarily on jazz.  However, it should be a lesson to all that you must immerse yourself in as much music as you can and not just try to “specialize” in one genre or style.  Wynton is the only musician to win Grammy awards for both a classical and a jazz album in the same year.


Also check out this talented trumpet player 🙂


  1. Doc, Will Smith (Jesuit refugee, Class of ’08) was given first trumpet music as an incoming freshman in the LSU Tiger Band!

  2. THAT WAS AWSOME. find more, that was cool

  3. Great videos… Hope you can post more of these stuffs. Your site has indeed a lot of resources for music teachers. Thanks for sharing!

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