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Moonlight and Jazz is Here!


Dear St. Michael Band Parents,

The weather will be PERFECT! (with the grace of God)  Here’s the listing of student and parent responsibilities and our timeline:

In order to make this event the best ever, I need everyone to pitch in and help! Remember that proceeds from this event help pay for YOUR band trip to Orlando next year, keeping costs down to a minimum.

First, I need volunteers, usually strong dads, who can gather Saturday afternoon at 2:30 to help assemble the scaffolding stage. The stage has to be assembled at White Oak by 4 PM. I suggest you bring work gloves to prevent splinters when handling the plywood and metal pieces. We will need a couple of cordless drills to drill the boards into the scaffold.

Sunday, students and a parent from my 4th hour class are to meet me at school for 2:30 to load the trailer with items that need to be delivered to White Oak. These will include a very large carpet roll, filled ice chests, keyboard, amps, music stands, music, and more.

  • Rhythm section players need to meet us at White Oak for 3 PM to begin setting up your equipment and working with the sound guy to get things ready for our sound check.
  • The rest of the performers meet at White Oak at 3:45 for our 4 O clock sound check.
  • We will feed students performing in the concert at 4:30 (ish), depending on how long it takes to do the sound check. The meal will be a jambalaya dinner. Hostesses should get there by 4:30 to eat.
  • Members of my 6th hour percussion class with a parentneed to report to White Oak for 7:15 who will assist all performers and anyone else who can helpto dismantle the stage and load the trailer for the return trip to school. Again, please bring a pair of work gloves if you have them to prevent splinters. You will also be bringing parts of the scaffold to the trailer, so the gloves will come in handy there too.

We are expecting 260+ guests! Thanks to everyone who made this possible! Many of you have worked tirelessly to make this year’s Moonlight and Jazz the best ever! I can’t wait!

Here are some dates you should be aware of:

We will have the following after school rehearsals for students who will be participating in the Regional/State Band Assessment Festival (TBA, one day during the week of April 24-28)

March 28 2:45-4:00
April 4 – 2:45-4:00
April 11 – 2:45-4:00
April 23 (That’s a Sunday) from 4-6 PM. We will have a Pizza party after.

Jazz Band students will be performing for the Louisiana High School Athletic Association’s Hall of Fame Inductee Banquet on April 12 at the Crown Plaza Hotel. This is an evening performance and our students will be fed. I will give them more instructions on setup times at a later date.


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