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Dear Band Parents, Friends, and Alumni,

If you’re coming to Dutchtown Saturday, please know that it is perfectly alright to applaud during our performance!! ┬áIn, fact, it is encouraged! Most parents don’t know when to applaud though. Here are the spots:

In the first movement, after the initial drum opening section and after the big “hit.” After all drum section solos, after each moment, after a soloist performance, and then at the climax toward the end.

We are prepared and should do well.

For Sunday, we are playing at Grandparents’ Day at school. Dress for this is their school dress uniform. Students in the Jazz Band should arrive at 1 PM to set up. Those at Confirmation meetings should get there when you can. The rest of the band should arrive at 2 PM. In addition to the jazz music, we will play the National Anthem and our Show Music with the full Marching Band. The ceremony should be over by 3:30 or so and we should be able to get all our gear back to the band room for 4.

Thanks for all your support!


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