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September 19, 2018
by docandry

Tour Dates

Dear Warrior Band Parents,

We are preparing to tour 4 of our feeder schools this fall, starting with a visit to St. Alphonsus next Tuesday. I will need help from parents to drive vehicles and transport larger instruments that cannot fit on the bus. Here is what I plan to bring:

Music stands (17 of them)
Keyboard, stand, and amp
Electric bass and amp
Drum set
Sousaphones (2 of them)
Trombones (4)
Baritone Sax (yes it’s large)
Tenor saxes (3)
Marching Bass Drum and stands (3)
Marching tenor drum and stand

The dates for our tours are Tuesday, September 25 (St. Alphonsus) and Tuesday, October 16 (MBS, SJV, STM)

We will leave campus at 7:15 AM on both days.  Please email me at school if you are available to help drive some of our equipment.

Thanks again for all you do for your children and St. Michael,



September 14, 2018
by docandry

Next Friday’s Game

Dear Warrior Band Parents, Students, and Friends,

As we prepare for next Friday’s away football game I want to first say that I am happy with the progress we’ve been making. We have been having to deal with rain delays at practice and it seems we just can’t catch a break. Last night’s performance wasn’t our best. I think the heat and humidity got to our kids. I hope we can get a few cool fronts in very soon. It makes a big impact on the performance of our young musician/athletes.

Next Friday, we will be departing St. Michael at 1:30 to travel a little north of Natchitoches in charter busses. Thank you for supporting our big fund raiser, Moonlight and Jazz. Because of this, there will be NO cost to you parents for transportation! You have already paid for a “grab and go” meal for the trip home. I am blessed to have some good help from all of you and we have made arrangements to feed our participants while they are on the bus (around 5 PM) a meal that should hold them until the post-game meal. They will each receive a 6-inch subway sandwich, a bag of chips and two bottles of water. I want them to drink both bottles before we get to the game so they are well hydrated when we get there. The cost for this meal is $4 each. Please have them bring $4 cash by Monday of next week so I can reimburse the people who will be purchasing the sandwiches, chips, and waters.

Thank you again for all you do to support your child’s music education at St. Michael.




September 6, 2018
by docandry

Change in Plans!!!

There has been a big change in plans. Sorry!  Don’t shoot the messenger!

Next week’s game at Dunham High School will not be played on Friday. The date of the game that we received last May was incorrect. Coach Sanchez found me this morning and told me that the game is actually on Thursday. So, we will have after school rehearsals on Tuesday and Wednesday of next week. The good news is we will be off Friday, so now you can make fun plans Friday evening.




September 3, 2018
by docandry

Change to this Friday’s Plans

Just a quick note to let you know that Friday’s game has been moved from Memorial Stadium to Olympia Stadium.

This Friday’s pregame meal will be tacos. I will give students more information tomorrow at school.





August 31, 2018
by docandry

A Letter from Our Athletic Director

Dear Band Parents,

Please read Rob Smiths memo concerning your child’s safety after football games this year:

Parents, please be aware of our new postgame procedures for parking and picking up players after Friday night football games. For safety reasons we will no longer be allowing anyone to drive to the back of the school to pick up their child.  All parents will have to park in the front lot of the school and their student will meet them there.  If parents are helping with the postgame meal they will also need to park in the front of the school and walk back to the cafeteria.  The only vehicles that will be allowed in the back will be the school buses and vehicles pulling the support trailers.

The side gate between the gym and the school will be open to allow for safe passage without having to walk through the mud.

Thank you for you help in keeping our students safe

God Bless


Mr. Robert Smith

Athletic Director | Head Volleyball Coach

St. Michael the Archangel High School

17521 Monitor Ave. | Baton Rouge, LA 70817

Office: (225) 753-9782 ext. 644 | Fax: (225) 753-0605 |


August 25, 2018
by docandry

St. Michael Jazz Combo Performs for our New Bishop

I’m so proud of members of our St. Michael Jazz Combo for performing at the reception following the installation of our new Catholic Bishop, Michael Duca! After only two weeks of school and a lot of work on their own, Ben Messina, Steven Reed, Sam Richard, David Baudauin, Hector Barraza, CJ Gautreaux, and Christopher Dugas performed an hour’s worth of music at the Catholic Life Center. Many people commented on how awesome they sounded! When they were finished, they visited with the bishop and gave him a card signed by many students and faculty at St. Michael, welcoming the new bishop to our diocese. As I introduce each member by name, they shook hands with Bishop Duca and the bishop complimented them on “giving a real handshake.” He said each one of them gave him a firm handshake and looked him right in the eye! Way to go guys! I told you that’s important! 🙂

Here are some pictures from the event.

August 20, 2018
by docandry

Look Who Asked to Take a Picture With Our Celebrities

Our St. Michael Jazz Combo performed during the cocktail hour Sunday at John Folse’s “Dining by Design,” a fundraiser for Sr. Dulce’s foundation. As we were leaving, this stranger with a bandana stopped by and insisted on taking a picture with our celebrity musicians. After some coercing, I found a few guys who were willing to acquiesce. 🙂

 (click on the thumbnail to get the full picture)

On a side note, the guys in the combo did a tremendous job! I’m extremely proud of them for their hard work, dedication, and work ethic (they had to practice on their own off campus). I’m looking forward to more great performances and tremendous growth from these guys. They will be performing this Friday at the reception following the installation of our new bishop.



August 8, 2018
by docandry

Getting the Math Right, Doc :)

Dear Band Parents,

I did my math wrong! Sorry about that. For those who haven’t paid for the post-game meals it’s $45 (5 home games) + $15 (3 away games) and that would be $60 and not $65. Please make that check payable to Melissa Hebert.

The fee to help defray costs for meals during band camp, band night, and other marching season expenses is $35. That’s a total of $95 for all meals and season expenses. I think my math added up to only $90.

Sorry for the confusion. Many of you have already paid your initial $80. Thank you. We will get that to the appropriate people. If the rest of you would please make two checks: one to Melisa Hebert for $60 and one to St. Michael for $35, that should get us up to date. Please remember to have your child bring his/her paperwork in too!

Thanks and again, I’m sorry for the confusion.



July 26, 2018
by docandry

End of Camp Performance

Dear Band Parents, Alumni, and Friends,

I just want to express my pride in the work effort this year’s band has put into our four days of band camp thus far. Congratulations to you and your talented, hard-working children! We want to share this excitement with you as we present our “camp finale” performance tomorrow evening at 7:15. Please try to arrive for 7 and bring lawn chairs. We will break at 6:15 for dinner and will return to the field to go over a couple things at 7. The performance will be movements one and two and will only last about 6 minutes, so if you get there late, you will miss it. Practice will end after the performance (7:25 or so). I also ask that you all join with us for our closing prayer as we conclude camp.  One more thing. I ask that everyone pitch in to help get everything picked up off the field and into the band room before anyone leaves. If we all chip in you can be heading home by 7:40 🙂

For those of you who missed our band parent meeting! And you know who you are! You are all chairing committees this year 🙂  No seriously. Expect an email from either Becky Bourg or Rachel Boudreaux asking you what committee(s) you would like to serve on. Also, I told everyone at the meeting that we are taking band pictures Wednesday, August 8, at 4 PM. Students are to report to the band room for 3:45 to get dressed in their formal marching band uniform and get down to the gym with their instrument. They do not need to wear black shoes for the picture.

Thanks in advance for all your support. I am looking forward to a fantastic year!




July 20, 2018
by docandry


Dear Band Parents, Friends, and Warrior Band Family:

Welcome to a brand new year! I am excited and I look forward to another great year working with your young musicians! It is going to be our LAST YEAR in our current band room…but more about that later.

Drum Camp (Percussion Camp) has been going on all week and my drumline nearly has all the music for the contest show under their chops already. We begin band camp next week and I already look forward to our camp performance on Friday after dinner. If you haven’t already read our Warrior Band Newsletter, please take a look at it now.  Warrior newsletter XIV-1nv3qik

I have had a few questions from some of you about uniforms, band fees, etc. We have our annual Band Parents (sometimes referred to Band Boosters) meeting next Thursday. Because we only have one of these a year I ask that everyone attend. If you cannot make the meeting, please have a responsible adult represent you. We will be able to answer all your questions at that time. I was also asked about band fees and costs of being in band. Those of you coming from a parochial middle school band program are probably used to paying a semester tuition for band. There is no tuition fee for band at St. Michael. We do, however, have a band fee of $80 which pays for meals for your children during band camp week and for five post game meals. I will explain more about the post game meals at the band parent meeting next Thursday. Other than that, the only costs for parents are the pep band shirts which are used as uniforms during hot games, the Dinkles (marching band shoe), and black slacks (which are also used during marching band). Girls wear all black for our formal concerts (Christmas Concert, Spring Concert, and District Large Ensemble Assessment Festival) and there will be there will be plenty parents at the meeting who can answer your questions about girls’ attire. As for me, I haven’t bought girls’ clothing in many years (my daughter is 32 now) but I HAVE bought a couple cute monogramed fishing shirts for my beautiful 19-month old granddaughter. 🙂

One more thing. Some of you have been a little confused with the flow of things because of the construction on campus. Please drop-off and pickup your children in the back of the school by the band room. To get there, use the driveway by the baseball field and go all the way to the back. Then follow the driveway to the left and go behind the school. You will pass the practice football field (on your right) and continue until you see the two-story building. That’s where our current band room is located. Once we finish construction, we will move to our beautiful new band room! We have been waiting for this for quite sometime now and I cannot tell you how excited I am about seeing that construction in progress!

Again, welcome to our band family. It’s going to be a great year!


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